"Dream together for a big world" Meet FAE Co., Ltd. keeping your promise.


Republic of Korea led by the future leading economies


Laid out in the 2000s to go global

Do not settle for the reality of today, more than
Ever, if chopped large resolution FAE CO.,LTD
Across the country will be convinced that global indicators.

  • 2020
    Jul.Opening of Dangjin branch
  • 2018
    Jun.The relocation of the headquarters building
  • 2017
    Nov.Participated in 2017 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo
    Jul.Selected as Promising Small & Medium Business of Jeollanamdo
    May.Participated in 2017 Int'l Factory Automation System Show, Changwon
    Feb.Signed Soft Start Agency Agreement with SOLCON
  • 2016
    May.Participated in 2016 Int'l Factory Automation System Show, Changwon
    Jan.Signed Agency Agreement with NSD
  • 2014
    Apr.Acquired ISO9001 & ISO14001
  • 2013
    Sep.Acquired INNO-BIZ
    May.Acquired CE for Pull Cord Switch, etc.
    Apr.Acquired Venture Business (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 2011
    Jan.Changed to FAE Co., Ltd.
  • 2006
    Nov.Nov. 2006 Established R&D Dept. (No. 20065856)
    Oct.Registered as new & renewable energy business (No. 2006-513)
  • 2005
    Dec.Acquired Firefighting Facility Business License (No. 2005-38)
  • 2003
    Nov.Acquired Information Communication Construction License (No. 140481)
  • 2001
    Jun.Acquired Electricity Construction License (Jeonnam-00770)
  • 2000
    Jun.Changed to Woongji Industrial System Co., Ltd.
  • 1994
    Nov.Established KomenTechnix